explore A Unique and hands-on approach to modern art

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Cured Pine Parellettes
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Electrified Wood
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Walnut Burned Parallettes
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Lichtenberg Burned Pine
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Burning is

so clearly

illustrative of

the artistry

of electricity

We experience it, every day. But for many of us, it's really, truly difficult to conceptualize. To capture tangibly. To represent in a visual way. The physics of it is fascinating and, at times, feels just out of reach.

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Once the work is done, an entirely unique piece of art has been created. Each burn results in something completely new.

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Request your own custom piece

Display more than just art

display inconceivable physical processes

add substance to the imagery around you

There exist so many genres, styles, or categories of art. I'm breaking away from their constraints and sticking to what's existed for billions of years, and yet, what many seem to know so little about.

My Mission

Follow the process before you purchase the result

Understand what happens behind the scenes. I document my projects so that you know exactly what went into the piece that arrives to your door.

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"With each piece he creates, love and care is put into the handwork. Nothing you receive will exist anywhere else in the world."
- Stephanie Olson


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